Cultivate your vital energy

For a bountiful harvest, you need to go to the garden every day :

  • to work the land to the rhythm of the seasons
  • to sow, plant, prune, harvest varieties of vegetable or fruit plants, in accordance with the cycles of nature and vegetation
  • to amend the soil, water, or weed
  • to monitor the first signs of disease or pest attack

...and some gardeners would also tell you: to talk to your plants.

For his own well-being and health, the gardener must also take care of himself a little every day :

  • to cook, hydrate
  • to practice physical activity
  • to engage in an artistic or creative activity
  • to learn, think, reflect
  • to know yourself, and trace the path of your life
  • to monitor the first signs of aging or illness

...and then some gardeners would also tell you: to listen to yourself, to talk to yourself, or to talk to your inner child

Our modern lifestyles have us running all year long, forgetting to take care of ourselves every day.

Permanent stress, an increasingly unnatural diet and the pollution of our environment promote the development of chronic diseases: chronic fatigue and lack of energy, digestive disorders, back pain, depression, immune disorders, inflammatory or degenerative diseases. ..

To act upstream and maintain its health, your body needs, like your garden, your daily attention.

I offer four customizable approaches :

Life Hygiene Program

To find a balanced and serene lifestyle, protected from stress and the ailments of daily life and work

Nutritional rebalancing

To implement a healthy diet (what, how, when) adapted to your needs and your disorders

Reflexology & Dien Chan

To support your vital energy and help your body repair itself and stay healthy

Ayurvedic massages

To live a unique sensory experience that relaxes the body and mind

Who am I ?

My name is Nicolas. I am a naturopathy practitioner, specialized in nutrition, plantar and facial reflexology (Dien Chan), Ayurvedic massages.

An agricultural engineer by training, my passion for living things pushed me to train for 5 years, and still today, in natural health techniques.

I help you fight against a large number of physical (digestive, nervous, musculoskeletal, hormonal, etc.) and emotional (stress, irritability, loss of energy, etc.) disorders.